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This DVD features the inaugural performance of Elementus, a fundraising event produced by students at the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, the Ordinand Reverends of 2015.
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…of the Ancient Tribe of Elementus, as a lost daughter seeks her way home after forgetting who she is. Through magical encounters with the Five Elements, she begins her bewildering journey back to her tribe…

Elementus is an innovative artistic production that fuses ceremony and ritual with the performance arts. This DVD features its inaugural performance, a fundraising event produced by students at the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. This performance marks the stage debut for many of the participants. The event took place in The Bhavan Indian Cultural Centre, West Kensington, London, on 28th November 2014.

Elementus is a ceremony intended for everyone – young or old, religious or secular – and celebrates the elements in the form of a mythical story told through music, colour, dance and word.


Previews available here:
Elementus Previews on Sacred Whisper’s YouTube Channel


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    Although it sounds melodramatic, it’s true that being part of this production and witnessing it’s development has changed my life. The whole process of co-creating, preparing for, rehearsing and the performing this public ceremony was transformative and cathartic. It’s great that people can know access the power of this story, the ceremony and the elements through this DVD. I know, as a performer and participant, that this work heals wounds and reconnects us all to the source of life so that we can truly “Remember who you are”. Thank you Elementus. x

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    What a pleasure it is to see the whole ceremony from the audience point of view! During rehearsal and during the event we saw the sides, sometimes the back. Now I get to enjoy it from the audience and really feel into the story, its simplicity, its depth and its beauty and its relevance. It was amazing to be a part of the Elementus Tribe and it is a joy to participate once again through the DVD. Thank you. x

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