A Half-Day ‘Sacred Clowning’ Workshop with Rev Michelle Murphy

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Get in touch with your inner clown, with a half-day workshop with mime, music and ceremony, hosted by the Sacred Clown herself: Rev Michelle Murphy!
Location: Wrexham
(or travel across UK possible, at winning bidder's expense)

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The half day workshop would be an exploration into the energy of the clown, its spontaneity, joy, unpredictability, tenderness and childlike wonder. We all have an inner clown, our inner child, the one who has no mask, the workshop would explore this in a very sensitively held space, using some mime and music and ceremony.

Location: Wrexham
(or travel across UK possible, at winning bidder’s expense)


In the vast expanse of inner listening,
the sacred clown comes home, open, vulnerable,
with no great ambition or fears,
with no questions and specially no answers to give.
A timeless presence filling the air touches all with that little spark of wonder for what is about to be born.

– Didier Danthois (Sacred clown as healer, also interfaith minister)

Biography of Michelle:
A little bit about me, I am newly ordained Interfaith Minister, mother, teacher, singer, poet and sacred clown. My clown has always been with me, helping me to see the ridiculous and to jump into the spontaneous and the playful and it was the clown which came alive in our identity day during our 2nd year training and my clown took my healing ceremony with my wonderful study group. I have experimented with her since in a children’s peace day workshop and have also done some sacred clowning alone in our local park in Wrexham, a great exploration into being present in a very out of the ordinary context with many emotions being mirrorred back to me from the small child to the teenager, mother, cyclist, and many passers by.

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