Elementus is an alchemical ceremony of music, dance and storytelling, exploring the nature of the five elements — Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether. This is a fundraising event for the bursary fund that will support the Class of 2015 at the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation in London through to Ordination.

We are trainee Ministers, walking the path to finding our ministry. We were all called to this deeply personal and yet also collective exploration, and that longing in our hearts brought us to the training together. We burn to offer our ministry after ordination, although we may not all know exactly what form it will take. We experience this journey, spiralling inward and outward, as alchemical, with a potent mixture of the five elements sustaining us — challenging us, guiding us, and re-forming us into the elemental particles of… Faith, in all its expressions.

Come and celebrate with us!

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We welcome your support through the purchase of tickets for the event, donations of money, or participation in the auction that we are holding online in the run-up and the immediate aftermath of the event. Know that you will be helping the next jubilant cohort of ministers through to taking their vows and stepping into Service to the world, walking the very edge of where the human heart and eternal soul melt and merge.

We will meet you there, in Joy.

Thank you!

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We are Second Year trainee ministers at the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London, England. Your support for the Elementus event will help us through the financial challenges to ordination in July 2015. Our joyous gratitude goes out to all who have already helped us along the way!